Draft kombucha at work

Are you looking for healthy ways to keep your employees happy? Try a kombucha kegerator at work! It’s a low-calorie, probiotic, and slightly caffeinated canteen option that will  give your office the vibe it’s been looking for.


  • Happier employees
  • Recovery from coffee crashes
  • No more afternoon slump
  • Give employees a mental “beer break” without the side effects of alcohol

What’s included?

  • Kegerator rental
  • Kegerator maintenance
  • Kegs delivered at least once a week

Is it affordable?

Yes! Each keg is only $90 for 50 servings of kombucha, and for just 50$ a month, you’ll get access to  a kegerator, fully serviced by Skinny Piggy Kombucha!


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