What is kombucha?

Kombucha is fermented sweet tea. Add some live cultures to a brew and after a couple of weeks it transforms into a slightly tart, fizzy drink!

Is kombucha probiotic?

We never pasteurize or filter our kombucha, so every bottle contains 100% live cultures.

Is there a lot of sugar in kombucha?

Our brewmaster only adds sugar before fermentation to give our live cultures food to grow and transform our sweet tea to kombucha. After the brew is done fermenting, there are about 5 grams of sugar left in a 12 oz serving. We do not add any sugars or juices after fermentation.

How is your kombucha different from others?

The great thing about kombucha is that there are a ton of different ways to brew it! We flavor our kombucha with tea blends instead of sugary fruits and fruit concentrates. This gives our brew light and crisp finish.

Is your kombucha organic?

All of our ingredients are purely organic.

Is there alcohol in kombucha?

Just like with cold-pressed juice, there can be a nominal amount of alcohol in kombucha (less than .5% abv). If you are concerned about these small levels, please consult a healthcare provider before consuming any kombucha. By not adding any extra sugar after fermentation, we can keep the alcohol at nominal levels.

What if I’m concerned about food allergies?

Our kombucha is free of gluten, soy, egg, dairy, nuts, animal products and bad vibes.

Where does “Skinny Piggy” come from?

Our kombucha is proudly brewed in Cincinnati, OH where everybody loves pigs. We felt that Skinny Piggy would be a fun way to pay homage to our hometown.