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About Us

The mission of Skinny Piggy Kombucha is to make healthy choices fun, easy, and delicious! 

Skinny Piggy Kombucha was born in 2013 out of a mix of post grad school boredom and Olympic dreaming. Katrina saw some kombucha featured on Olympic gold medalist Shawn Johnson’s Instagram feed and thought, “I wonder if kombucha will make me an Olympian?” She rushed to Whole Foods on her lunch break, grabbed a bottle, and alas, did not instantly become an Olympian. However, she shared her kombucha with her husband, Algis, who had been brewing beer for a number of years. He vowed that he could make something even more exceptional than the one they tried, and got to work testing recipes. Over time, their dining room kegerator taps went from 100% beer to 100% kombucha, and they began to notice improvements to their digestion. 

By 2014, Algis had honed the recipe for the Original Tea Blend, working out of what was at the time the Northern Kentucky Incubator Kitchen. The two tested the concept at farmer’s markets that summer, and decided to move into their own brewery. In fall of 2015, the brewery was built and began production at a much greater scale. 

The company is now majority owned by Katrina, who has shared her full time efforts with Skinny Piggy since 2015. Skinny Piggy Kombucha can now be found in several states in the Midwest, Appalachia, and the Northeast. 


What makes your kombucha different?

Our biggest goal in entering the kombucha market was to make a drink that is so full of health benefits actually taste genuinely good. Maybe in the 70’s you tried a murky liquid off the top of your friend’s refrigerator, and it just about peeled the skin off your teeth. Maybe you tried one so sour you can’t fathom repeating that experience. We didn’t want that for our kombucha. 

Our unique blend of organic teas, herbs and spices are fermented just one time, without adding sugary juices. The result is a not-too-sour, not-too-sweet, smooth and refreshing beverage for whenever the mood strikes you. Our process allows our ingredients to shine as they are, so you can shine as you are. 


Why the name Skinny Piggy?

No, it’s not a diet drink, nor does it contain pork products (or any animal product for that matter). Skinny Piggy is based in Cincinnati, Ohio, which is known for its piggy heritage. Wild pigs used to roam the city’s hills, rooting around among the copious acorns and nuts in the area.

And what about a Skinny Piggy? We try not to take ourselves too seriously, and the thought of a skinny piggy is a silly one. Our goal in creating this name was to make you smile, thinking of a piggy doing its best to fly in a world that calls that impossible.

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