Is your kombucha vegan/gluten free/nut free/other allergy concern free?

Our kombucha is vegan, and free of gluten, nuts, soy, dairy, egg, and animal products. Our sugar provider does not use a bone char filter. 

Does your kombucha contain alcohol? 

As a part of the fermentation process, some residual alcohol (less than .5%) may remain in the final product. If you strictly avoid alcohol for religious, health, or personal reasons, we do not recommend you consume our product. 

Where can I buy it?

Please see our Where to Buy page for an up to date list of our retailers. (LINK)

Skinny Piggy isn’t in a store near me. Can you ship some to me?

We appreciate the support! Sadly, shipping is an expensive and complex beast for kombucha, so we do not ship outside the Cincinnati/Northern Kentucky area.

However, please visit our request page to tell us where you like to shop and we’ll do our best to get into your favorite store. 

Does your kombucha contain caffeine?

The caffeine in our organic teas is not metabolized out in the fermentation process. The caffeine in our brews match the levels of the teas they contain. For example, we use black tea in our Ginger Snappy, thus its levels are based on black tea averages, factoring in our specific recipe. Here are the rough caffeine contents of each flavor (per 12 oz bottle), as well as common beverage comparisons:

Sun-Kissed Lavender: 40 mg caffeine

Ginger Snappy: 60 mg caffeine

Mojito Mambo: 70 mg caffeine

Happy Hibiscus (seasonal): 60 mg caffeine

Peelin’ Zesty (seasonal): 50 mg caffeine

Pumpkin Patch (seasonal): 70 mg caffeine

Yuletide Cheer (seasonal): 60 mg caffeine

8 oz cup of coffee: 100 mg caffeine

12 oz cold brew coffee: 215 mg caffeine

Can I drink your kombucha when I’m pregnant/nursing?

As much as we love to WebMD, we’re not healthcare professionals. Check with yours to see how they feel about kombucha while pregnant or nursing. 

What time of day should I drink kombucha?

The quick answer is, whenever it feels right for you! Some prefer it on an empty stomach, while others prefer it with or after a meal. If you are caffeine sensitive, it may be better to consume earlier in the day rather than after dinner. 

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